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USB immunizer Reviews 2021

Despite all the developments in Cloud, USBs are still an effective method for data portability. Instead of relying upon an internet connection, desired content can be transferred between devices. It’s because of the popularity that most viruses depend on USB devices for spreading to other computer. So, as a security-conscious person, you’ve to make sure that no virus gets into your computer via USB devices. You may be having a fully-fledged antivirus in your PC but that won’t be okay for absolute protection from USB-based threats. That is why you need to start using Bitdefender USB Immunizer. In this article, we shall talk about this free-to-use tool from Bitdefender, its installation and uses.

About Bitdefender USB Immunizer

As you have guessed from the name, USB Immunizer from Bitdefender is meant to immunize your USB drives. It is an absolutely standalone solution that does not need an antivirus software’s backing. On the other hand, regardless the presence of a fully-fledged antivirus suite, you can use Bitdefender USB Immunizer in your computer. When you are almost sure that there’s a threat in a USB device, you can use the too clean it. Once immunized, you can open or use the USB drive without being afraid of losing the data. Now that you have an idea, we shall move onto its installation. Feel free to check Bitdefender discount coupons page to find coupons and review of all products.


Bitdefender USB Immunizer is a free tool you can download from Bitdefender Labs. In case if you didn’t know, it is an amazingly small tool — so is its installation. For installing Bitdefender USB Immunizer in your computer, you need to download the setup file from official website of Bitdefender Labs.

The setup file is way too small in terms of file size. The whole package is just 3.8MB. After the download is complete, you can double-click open the setup file to do the installation.

The point here is so simple — It is a portable app. It means that you don’t need to install it for using the tool. Whenever you want, you can just open the setup file to run the Immunizer tool. Now that you got an idea about it, just open the setup file to launch the Immunizer interface.

Using It to Clean USB Drives

We repeat, the interface is way too simple to be used. In the interface, you will be asked to plug in a USB drive. This is when you haven’t connected a USB device already.

Once you have connected the USB device, you can see an icon in the interface. Right next to the icon, you can see its name too. This is a useful arrangement when you have multiple USB drives connected to your computer and want to scan only one.

After you have clicked on the icon, Bitdefender USB Immunizer will start scanning the drive for threats. With respect to the size of contents in drive, it may take a few seconds or minutes to finish the scanning.

In a few seconds or minutes, you can finish with the Immunizer. At the next moment, you can see one ‘Immunization Complete’ notification in the interface. It means that you can now start using the USB drive without being caught by evil hands.

Our Review of Bitdefender USB Immunizer

So, we have shown you the complete process of installing and using Bitdefender USB Immunizer. It’s a fact that you can immunize different threats that are there in a USB drive. We thought we should share our opinion about the tool with respect to what we know about similar software.

In terms of security, this Immunizer does the job very well. You will be able to detect most kind of threats. However, you should not expect it to be an alternative to your Antivirus Tool. Instead, you can use it as a complementary tool for USB protection. For instance, it does not have an option to disable AutoPlay for USB devices. Nor does it run as a system process. Despite these limitations, Bitdefender USB Immunizer is good when it comes to finding a variety of threats and immunizing most of USB-based threats.

Another feature we loved in the tool is Automated USB Immunization. You can turn on this option by going to the ‘Settings’ part of the software interface. Once you have turned this on, all devices connected to your computer shall be immunized. So, you don’t have to go to the tool and press the button every time. Obviously, it’s a great deal for saving time and convenience.

On top all these, we loved the User Interface of Bitdefender USB Immunizer very much. It’s one of the best interface designs we have ever found in security solutions. Whether you are experienced or not, you can use the tool to have best protection for your USB drives. Currently, Bitdefender USB Immunizer supports NTFS, FAT32 and FAT file system architectures. It means that you can use the tool for cleaning almost every USB drive you come across.

The Final Word

So, we have seen the different aspects of this free USB immunizer tool in the article. In light of what is shown above, it can be said that Bitdefender USB Immunizer is one of the best solutions for cleaning your USB drives. The simplest User Interface makes it completely easy for every user out there. Altogether, you can rely upon Bitdefender USB Immunizer when it comes to ensuring protection from spread-via-USB threats. We still keep our stand that it should not be an alternative to your Antivirus Suite.


The Bitdefender USB Immunizer program is able to keep your USB devices safe from most threats. It works by disabling auto-run virus programs before they get a chance to infect your computer. The autorun.inf file that most viruses create is rendered useless, thereby saving your precious data and keeping you out of harms way. This program is compatible with SD cards too, so that's a plus. So if you want a bit of added security protection that can save you from virus infection, then consider using Bitdefender USB Immunizer!


Installation of the Bitdefender USB Immunizer is pretty straight forward and easy. You simply download the program and double click the .EXE to start it up. From there, you're presented with the interface of the program. There's no adware or spyware installed with the program to get in your way. Also, this software is small enough in file size to be portable, which means you can store it on the USB drive and take it anywhere.


The interface of the Bitdefender USB Immunizer is very clean, simple, and crisp. There's only two additional options included in the program, which means you won't be bothered with nonsense screens that mean nothing. It looks quite graphically pleasing and stylish, actually a real pleasure to look at. And, whether you're a beginner or advanced user, you should have no problem using this simple and easy program.

The main window of the program contains the status of the Immunizer. The settings window option allows you to select between automatic or manual immunization of your drives.


  • Quick Download - Only Around 4 MB In SizeStarts And Runs Fast
  • No Adware Or Spyware
  • Does Exactly What It's Supposed To Do - Disables Auto-Run Virus Threats Fast
  • Works With Both SD Cards And USB Devices
  • Freeware Program - Totally Free To Use And Enjoy


  • There aren't many options available in this program. Basically, you're limited to the basic interface and the main core of the program and that has to be good enough.
  • Small active window


Panda USB Vaccine - This is another USB immunization software that, like Bitdefender USB Immunizer, disables the auto-run.inf file so that virus programs can't start and infect your computer. This program is also totally free to use and enjoy, just like Bitdefender.

Ninja Pendisk - Just like Panda USB Vaccine and Bitdefender USB Immunizer, this program protects your computer from USB auto-run virus threats. It requires no installation and can also protect your PC. People say the interface of this program could be improved, but since it's free, we aren't complaining.


Although we would like to see some more options available and a more robust core engine on this program, it's able to protect your computer in a basic fashion. New emerging virus threats will be handled with new updates to the program. The Bitdefender software, overall, does a good job of eliminating virus threats and we like this program a lot. As far as program technology goes, the Bitdefender USB Immunizer software is leading the industry and is as good as you're going to find at the present time.

The Bitdefender program is small enough to run fast, and the core engine of the program is updated frequently enough to protect you against the latest emerging virus threats. Continual work is done on the program as far as engine updates are concerned, and with Bitdefender USB Immunizer, you'll always have the latest USB virus protection technology.

itDefender USB Immunizer is a software application built specifically for helping users protect their USB flash drives against infections with autorun-based malware.

By default, the removable storage devices store an autorun.ini file which usually is infected with different types of malware. This is why, you need dedicated tools like BitDefender USB Immunizer to keep your PC protected against malware.

Since this is a portable program, it is important to mention that it doesn’t leave any traces in the Windows Registry. You can copy it on any USB flash drive or other devices, and take it with you whenever you need to immunize your USB storage devices on the breeze.

BitDefender USB Immunizer sports a simplistic interface that allows users to perform most operations with minimum effort.

Basically, it proves to be extremely easy to work with this tool, as with just one click on the red program’s icon, you can activate the immunizing mode. At the end of the task, the program informs you if the USB flash drive has been immunized successfully.

What’s more, you can activate the automatic feature for making the program immunize all USB storage devices that are connected to your computer.

During our testing we have noticed that the tool immunizes USB flash drives quickly and with minimum effort. It manages to remain light on the system resource, so it doesn’t hamper computer performance, nor interfere with other programs’ functionality.

All things considered, BitDefender USB Immunizer makes the entire process seem nothing but a piece of cake. It is suitable for all types of users, regardless of their experience level.

For years, Autorun-based malware has been atop of the worldwide e-threat landscape, with notorious representatives such as Trojan.AutorunInf, the Conficker worm (Win32.Worm.Downadup) or Worm.Autorun.VHD.

Introduced back in the Windows XP era to facilitate software installations from CD-ROM media for non-technical computer users, the Autorun feature has rapidly become the infection vector of choice for cyber-criminals.

The USB immunizer is Bitdefender's response to this growing issue. This small utility is divided in two sections.

The Immunize option allows you to immunize your USB storage device or SD card against infections with autorun-based malware. Even if your storage device has been plugged into an infected computer, the piece of malware will be unable to create its autorun.inf file, thus annihilating any chance of auto-launching itself.

The Immunize Computer slider allows you to toggle the autorun feature On or Off for any removable media (except for CD/DVD-ROM devices). If you accidentally plug in an infected USB drive that has not been immunized, the computer will not auto-execute the piece of malware located on the USB storage device.

Back in the days of the floppy drive, disks where the most common way of spreading viruses and malware. The Internet has taken over, and floppy drives are long gone.

They have been replaced by removable drives and optical discs, which are also capable of spreading malware, and while they are not the number one attack vector anymore, they still pose a threat.

Autorun attacks, like that by the Stuxnet worm, have become a common attack form. That common, that Microsoft has started to patch the autorun functionality in Windows.

Panda Security released USB Vaccine a while ago which offered to vaccinate a computer or USB drive to protect the computer from autorun based attacks.

Bitdefender, another popular security developer, has now released a similar program called Bitdefender Immunizer.

The program offers the same functionality as Panda USB Vaccine. Users can either immunize the computer as a whole, or immunize a connected removable drive.

The product page describes what happens if you immunize an USB drive:

The Immunize option allows you to immunize your USB storage device or SD card against infections with autorun-based malware. Even if your storage device has been plugged into an infected computer, the piece of malware will be unable to create its autorun.inf file, thus annihilating any chance of auto-launching itself.

This basically blocks the creation of autorun.inf files on immunized USB devices.

The computer immunization has the following effect:

The Immunize Computer slider allows you to toggle the autorun feature On or Off for any removable media (except for CD/DVD-ROM devices). If you accidentally plug in an infected USB drive that has not been immunized, the computer will not auto-execute the piece of malware located on the USB storage device.

The security patch linked above seems to have the same effect as the Immunize Computer option.

It has to be noted that immunizing removable devices or computers does not protect the system if the user executes malicious software on the device or computer manually. It only protects against autorun-based attack forms that require no user interaction.

Interested users can download USB Immunizer from the Bitdefender Labs website.

Update: Bastik has posted his findings in the comments, they are important and need to be mentioned in the article. Thanks Bastik for the helpful insight.

The tool does not offer to remove the protection from drives that it has immunized. To unprotect a drive you need to display hidden files in Windows and hidden system files. This can be done via Tools > Folder Options > View in Windows Explorer. You then need to delete the folder autorun.ini on the drive.

The tool displays an email prompt on exit with no apparent option to close it. Just click the ok button without entering an email address to close the program for good.

The BitDefender USB Immunizer is a tool that works for any USB device and immuzes it by preventing a malicious autorun.inf file (a file that gets executed once a USB device is plugged in) to be created by viruses or worms. This nullifies any threats for the viruses or worms to be executed in the machine where the USB device is plugged in.

I frequently found these threats whenever I plug a friend’s USB device into my computer. Thankfully I always have a good commercial antivirus solution installed in my machine so the autorun threat was always found and removed. Some of us may not be that lucky, though – which is why you might need to run this USB immunizer.

Some of the threats that create these dangerous autorun.inf are Trojan.AutorunInf, the Conficker worm (Win32.Worm.Downadup), Worm.Autorun.VHD and the Stuxnet worm. The USB Immunizer tool is free to download and it works by shielding your USB device from creating an autorun.inf file, removing the threat completely and pre-emptively.

The tool also allows you to toggle the Autorun feature on or off on any USB drives (Flash drives or External hard drives). This way, you’ll never receive angry statements from a friend because  your device is trying to wreak havoc to his/her computer :)

Security is always a hot issue in the world of technology, but sometimes you don’t have the luxury of being totally safe. For example, when it comes to mobile USB storage, like a USB flash drive, it can be difficult to discern how secure the device actually is. In fact, some of the biggest security threats have to do with autorun based software, and Windows can even execute an autorun when you plug in an external device. A lot of premium virus software allows you to scan external drives for malicious content, but most of the free programs out there do not. BitDefender USB Immunizer is a free security tool that will prevent autorun based threats and immunize external devices.

What is it and what does it do

BitDefender USB Immunizer will run in the background and protect your computer from any external threats. As soon as you plug in a USB drive, it will automatically scan and immunize the device. If you unknowingly connect an infected drive, then USB Immunizer will prevent any auto-run malware or software from starting and doing damage to the target machine.

Take note BitDefender USB Immunizer is not a malware detector or remover. It simply prevents malware from autorunning.


  • Extremely lightweight and runs in the background, only uses 10MB of RAM
  • Requires UAC (User Account Control) permissions in order to run
  • Available in a single executable and fully portable, weighing in at just over 3MB
  • Prevents the autorun process from starting whenever a USB drive is plugged into the target system
  • Can immunize a USB drive manually or automatically thus preventing any future issues


  • After a drive has been immunized the resulting autorun.inf folder cannot be deleted or altered within the Windows operating system (the drive can be formatted, however)
  • Once immunized the Windows autorun menu will no longer appear when using the affected drive
  • Does not work with some large size USB drives (typically external hard drives) because sometimes they are recognized by Windows as a local storage drive
  • Not much documentation on the application, there is a remarkably short Q&A guide
  • Automatically detects language, but this could be a problem if the application doesn’t recognize your region settings
  • Once a drive has been immunized a small pop-up ad appears for BitDefender’s AntiVirus Suite

As you already know by now, BitDefender USB Immunizer is a free security tool that runs in the background and protects your system from infected USB drives. There are essentially two parts to the tool: it stops any potential harmful software from running automatically, and it immunizes any external USB devices plugged into the system.

There are lots of well documented infections that make excellent use of the autorun feature in Windows. For example, the 2008 Conficker worm infected millions of computers thanks to the Windows autorun process- among other things.

The first part of USB Immunizer essentially disables the Windows autorun process by preventing the operating system from running the autorun.inf file. This means any time you plug in a USB device you will no longer see the usual Windows autorun menu. Instead, you will have to open the drive manually in order to access the stored content. So, even if the drive has not been immunized yet, the BitDefender USB tool will prevent anything from running as long as the tool is active in the background.

The second part of the software immunizes the device by replacing the autorun.inf file with a reputable one that cannot be altered in any way, by any program. In fact, the new autorun file cannot be deleted or overwritten, unless the drive itself is formatted or used outside of the Windows operating system. In order to get your drive back the developers even suggest connecting the device to a Linux or Mac OS X based system in order to remove the altered autorun.inf file.

What the immunizer actually does, is change the autorun.inf file into a folder of the same name. Inside that new folder, USB Immunizer places several files that inherently prevent any autorun processes from running. Keep in mind, the only way you can see these new files is if you have changed the Windows settings to show hidden files and folders (this can be done through the Windows Control Panel).

There’s only one option in the application settings, which can enable or disable automatic immunization for connected devices. As it stands, you have to tell the program to immunize your drive manually- unless of course, you enable the auto setting.

BitDefender USB Immunizer is a multi-language program, but it detects your region automatically and adjusts the app to reflect the appropriate language settings. Unfortunately, if your region is not recognized by the program then it will default to English.

BitDefender requires utterly no installation and runs just from a single executable file- which means it’s also portable. Furthermore, while running in the background, it uses just under 10MB of RAM (9,148K).

Conclusion and download link

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you’re like me, then you probably carry a single flash drive around with some pretty valuable files on it. The flash drive I am referring to is tremendously helpful because it allows me to transfer my work between several computers and to take my schoolwork home with me and vice versa. Unfortunately, that particular drive is being used in a lot of different computers- some of which can even be infected. My virus software does a fantastic job at scanning my local storage drives, but it cannot stop virus infections via autorun. BitDefender USB Immunizer doesn’t do any malware scanning itself, but it does help prevent autorun infections. It runs silently in the background and uses only 10MB of RAM. That’s not bad at all considering the added layer of security it provides. Unfortunately, the Windows autorun menu no longer works when I plug in my drive, but that’s okay, it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make in order to stay protected. BitDefender USB Immunizer is totally free, and it’s certainly worth the download.

BitDefender USB Immunizer can help you prevent those viruses that are automatically spread from autorun files on USB storage devices. The program is actually very small and portable, which means that it does not require to be installed on your system. While running, it will hide on the System Tray from where it can automatically immunize all USB storage devices you insert, provided you activate the corresponding option.

It has a very intuitive interface with a nice visual design. Actually, its operation could not be made any easier; because the program automatically detects the devices you insert and gives you the choice to immunize them or does it without even asking according to your preferences. What the program actually does is to create or replace the autorun.inf file on the drive so that viruses cannot use this means of propagation. In addition, it can also detect this type of threats before they can infect your computer.

In general, BitDefender USB Immunizer has the advantage of being small and simple-to-use. However, it is far from being a complete solution for antivirus protection, as it cannot scan the drive for other types of viruses. Similarly, it cannot deactivate the AutoPlay feature in Windows or run as a system service. Other AV software can do what BitDefender USB Immunizer does and a lot more, so if you have installed another similar program, you had better check its features before installing this tool so that you can avoid redundant actions.