Ninja Pendisk Reviews 2021

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Ninja Pendisk Reviews 2021

Ninja Pendisk is a software solution designed to join the fight against viruses and other malicious threats that attempt to infect USB flash drives. The program tries to secure devices and remove existing infections on the fly.

Protects you from the system tray

In case you are not interested in manually configuring all the settings of such applications, you will definitely like Ninja Pendisk because it does what it's supposed to without requiring any user interaction.

For example, the tool will quietly sit in the System Tray and monitor the activity and it will come into play every time you plug an USB pen drive into your computer. Plus, if you continue to use it with the default settings, Ninja Pendisk will also scan the device and immunize it automatically, without even bothering the user at all.

Prevents malicious content from reaching your PC

This software was mainly designed to block the infection spreading via the autorun.inf file. In order to do so, it will create a folder called autorun.inf on every single USB flash drive it protects, with special commands to block the virus.

In case you want to tinker with the app, you can easily do that by right clicking its System Tray icon and disabling the automatic clean option.

The interface is minimal, but Ninja Pendisk works so fast that you barely get to see it. The time in which the program does its job depends on the size of the USB flash drive and the amount of data stored on it, but, during our tests, the tools proved to be very fast all the time.

To end with

All things considered, the software will prove its worth if you give it a try and, overall, Ninja Pendisk is a good choice for protecting USB pen drives and getting rid of malicious code that might infect them.


USB (Universal Serial Bus) flash memory devices like Pen drives have made our life much easier in terms of transferring or sharing huge amounts of data from one system to another. However, with this advantage of USB flash drives, comes the risk of viruses invasion into a system during data transfer. Solution to this problem is the security tool Ninja Pendisk which fights against viruses and other threats that try to infect your USB flash drive and guards it from malicious files as well. It scans the USB storage device for malicious and lethal files, including “autorun.inf” and “ctfmon.exe” and removes these files, which spread infection in the storage device and eventually in a computer.


Ninja Pendisk in basically portable, independent and does not need installation. You simply need to launch it and it will sit inconspicuously on the system tray, waiting for a USB memory device to be connected to the system. As soon as this happens, it scans for malicious data and removes it if required. It is supported by the Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7


It does not have much to offer in its interface and is nominal, rather it works independently so it does not require user interaction or any configuration. Moreover, it works so fast that you can barely see it in action. Although, you will see some options if you right click on Ninja icon shown in System Tray such as View Configuration, LAN Chat, Visit Homepage, Add to Startup, Automatic Clean, and Disable AutoPlay.


You do not need to configure the utility’s settings manually, instead it maintains a low-profile in the System Tray of the system and monitors the system’s activities. When you insert a USB flash device only then it will come into action, it will scan the USB device for malign content and remove it, if required. Apart from erasing such lethal files, it can automatically immunize the USB device against future potential risks without requiring your intervention but only if you keep using it with default settings. This utility is designed to examine the USB flash device for the most common type of fatal files such as “autorun.inf” and “ctfmon.exe”, among many others and then remove these files. It creates a folder named “autorun.inf” with special protection permissions to protect the USB flash device which restricts any sort of infection to take place, whenever it is connected to a contaminated computer. You can also choose to immunize your USB flash device manually, by simply right-clicking on the Ninja icon in System Tray and disabling ‘Automatic Clean’ option. Most of all, it works and cleans up USB devices at lightning speeds without requiring any effort from the user’s side. Plus, it provides two-way protection for both your computer and USB flash devices. It can also be added to startup with a single click.


The only con with this utility is that it has minimal user interface and does not provide any kind of configuration options for the user. It works independently and so quickly that you might not realize what has actually happened.


Ninja Pendisk is accessible, portable and works at lightning speeds, although, its working speed depends on the size of USB flash device and the amount of data stored in it. Altogether, this utility does what it promises by protecting USB drives from malicious content and even immunizing it from future threats. This is without a doubt an excellent option to protect your USB drives.

Protect your USB memory sticks from viruses

USB memory sticks come in really handy when you need to move files from one computer to another or share data with someone else. However, this versatility can also turn into a source of viruses for your system.

With Ninja Pendisk you won't have anything to be afraid of. This security tool works as a kind-of shield for your USB device, protecting it from common malicious files that can be hidden in the USB. It's by no means a complete anti-virus solution, but rather a disinfecting tool for known malware.

Ninja Pendisk doesn't require installation. Simply launch it and it'll sit unobtrusively on the system tray, waiting for you to connect your USB device. The moment you do it, the program will scan it for malicious content and erase it if necessary. Ninja Pendisk can also immunize your USB memory stick against future potential risks.

The idea of having a security layer for your USB device is very good, especially if you use it on public computers. However, Ninja Pendisk lacks a more intuitive user interface and could also do with a proper configuration window, rather than just a plain text file.

Ninja Pendisk can protect your USB memory stick from malicious files that can harm your system if you use it on different computers.


  • No installation required
  • Protects both computer and USB device


  • User interface could be improved
  • Lacks a proper configuration window

Pen drives or memory sticks are widely being used to carry and move files from one computer to another for sharing data. This sharing of data may also lead in sharing of some virus for your system. Here the Ninja Pendisk comes into act. Ninja Pendisk creates a protective shield for the USB device, safeguarding it always against threats.

It cannot be claimed as a complete antivirus solution.

No installation, simple to launch and will wait patiently until a USB is connected to the system when USB is connected its work. Ninja Pendisk heals all the problems and keeps the shield for future risks.

If the USB is used in public computers then it is better to create a security layer over the USB stick.

Ninja Pendisk stands as a Ninja Protecting and Killing the unwanted viruses and malwares inside the USB stick from the system in which it is used.